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New Rs 500 and Rs 2000 notes was introduced

By Admin

India is beginning on a new note, November 10, 2016. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's strategic move to curb the flow of black money in the economy involved recalling all the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes that ceased to be legal tender since November 9, 2016 midnight, and reissuing fresh notes, including spanking new Rs 2000 notes.
While Rs 500 notes are being exchanged with new Rs 500 notes, the special Rs 2000 notes are also available at banks that remained closed all day on November 9, perhaps to equip themselves for the currency exchange demands that will go on till December 30, 2016. While the Rs 500 note has taken on a slight gray tinge, the Rs 2000 note is a pretty pink in colour.

And when the rest of the country was exchanging their notes for new ones, Bollywood celebs too, participated in what can easily termed to be a movement against black money and money hoarders.